I always complete my landscapes on site. While painting, I am constantly striving to describe the changes which occur around me, a process which forces me to work quickly, in an almost circular manner. 

I enjoy the physical interaction that painting in the landscape brings about: working on a canvas that is being stirred by the wind, watching animals which, after a while, no longer perceive me as an intruder. I seek to explore not so much the shape of individual forms, as the physical impact - the sense of tension or release - the land evokes in the viewer. I'm trying to catch a pattern of light in a landscape which, in a moment, will collapse revealing a new pattern; a new impression of weight or balance.

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The Miles profound of Solid Green
Pressed to the Pulse of the Grass
Hedgeapples in Canaan
Of a Blue Hill Noon Spilling Over
Sections of the Slumbering Spine
The Round ocean
The Miles Profound of Solid Green, 40 x 40
Pressed to the Pulse of the Grass, 29 x 25 (Detail)
Hedgeapples in Canaan, 30 x 72 (Detail)
Of a Blue-Hill Noon Spilling Over, 29 x 48 (Detail)
Tides that Conquer the Dividing Line 41 x 37
Sections of the Slumbering Spine, 60 x 60
Sealed with a line of Sleeping Glitter 50 x 50
And the Round Ocean & the Living Air,  38 x 34 (Detail)