landscapes 2


All the Raging seas Forgot to Roar
The Stirring, Faint, Immeasurable
And the worlds hang on the trees
Memory in corners
Bottling the Secret Light
Shivering in Secret lulls
Reminding me of Crystal pears
Spiny, light
All the Raging Seas, for Joy, Forgot to Roar, 30 x 48 (Detail)
Spiny, Light-skinned Trees, 20 x 42 (Detail)
And Worlds Hang on the Trees, 50 x 50
Reminding Me of Crystal Pears, 14 x 18 (Detail)
Memory in Corners, 14 x 18 (Detail)
The Stirring, Faint, Immeasurable   50 x 50
Shivering in Secret Lulls, 14 x 18 (Detail)
Bottling the Secret Light, 28 x 41 (Detail)
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